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Hosted by Eric and Ryan, The Slowtwitch Podcast features conversations about triathlon and endurance sports. Whether joined by guests or flying solo, these wide-ranging talks are not to be missed. Episodes release weekly on Thursdays and are available on your favorite streaming services.

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Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

The North American race season is right around the corner. That means IRONMAN's rulebook for 2024 has officially been published. We bring in IRONMAN's Jimmy Riccitello to talk us through this year's changes -- and, crucially, what hasn't changed. From drafting to bike equipment to 3D printing your own parts and the all important zipper height, we go through it all.

Recapping Miami

Monday Mar 18, 2024

Monday Mar 18, 2024

We're back! We shake off the cobwebs to talk about the kickoff to the 2024 triathlon season. We touch base on Abu Dhabi's cancellation, and then Eric's experience down in Miami. We talk World Triathlon, CLASH Endurance, PTO, and a whole lot more. But ultimately -- did we leave with more questions than answers as to how the PTO will pull off its goal of bringing triathlon to the masses via broadcast content? We also chat about our new slate of writers that have joined the team over the last few months.

Friday Jan 19, 2024

Jason West had a hell of a 2023. We recap it, then talk through his plans for 2024.

Chatting with Chelsea Sodaro

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

In this episode: Eric and Ryan talk about the Noosa Triathlon. The event embodies just about everything we love about our sport and community.
We're then joined by 2022 IRONMAN World Champion Chelsea Sodaro. We talk about the conflict between being service-oriented and the selfishness that can be a part of long-course triathlon, Sodaro's openness about her mental health, and being an advocate to break down barriers to access our sport with her work with &Mother.
Enter Chelsea's sweepstakes for a replica of her Kona bike here:
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Friday Oct 20, 2023

We relive the week that was the women's IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii. We dive into how the week builds, the behind-the-scenes of things like the expo and the Kona Bike Count, and Eric's experience trying to get coverage for us.

Let the Kona Hype Begin!

Friday Oct 06, 2023

Friday Oct 06, 2023

It's here! It's finally here! Eric and Ryan dive right into Kona excitement and some initial thoughts. We also dive into the art of race directing in 2023, the logistical challenges we're all facing, and our collective desire for something that resembles normalcy.

Friday Sep 22, 2023

Two-time XTERRA World Champion Brad Weiss is this week's guest. We talk at length about the IRONMAN World Championships in Nice and his penalty and subsequent recovery ride and run from it. We also talk about being able to pivot from one discipline to another as he preps for this weekend's XTERRA World Championship event. And, for the gear heads, a bit of a deep dive on his mountain bike and choosing the right ride for a course. Dig in!

Friday Sep 15, 2023

The first half of the IRONMAN World Championships have come and gone. We go in-depth with our man on the ground from Nice, and newest member of the Slowtwitch family, Brad Williams. Expo, venue, behind the scenes, Sam Laidlow's win, broadcast -- it's all here in this week's episode.

Friday Sep 08, 2023

Ryan is back from vacation and COVID to join Eric as we lead into the men's IRONMAN World Championship race. And we're wondering -- is it the time of year, the fact that it's in Europe, or some combination of the current race calendar that's making it feel less like it's World Championship time? We also talk PTO, our picks for Sunday's race, the thankless job that is race commenting, and more.

UTMB Bound Paul Johnson

Friday Sep 01, 2023

Friday Sep 01, 2023

Paul Johnson joins the program this week to chat through his naval experience, running, and his philosophy of more miles and more smiles. It's a fun one!

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